if you write it, will they come?

I'm writing words, you are reading them. Hmm, the direction of this blog...I'm not so sure I have one nor a desire for one. I'm gonna ramble; I'm gonna advise; I'm gonna reflect; I'm gonna bullshit. I study psych; I travel by subway and yellows. I succumb to the small talk of the weather. I people watch. I laugh...EVERYDAY. Likes: smart people!! funny people!! sarcasm, music I can dance to, music I can sing with, music that makes me think, music that lights candles ;) playing in the park afterhours [the only way u won't look like a pedophile jkjk (well not really lol)] natural hair and skin care, natgeo, family guy, the colbert report, reading, history, psychology, shoes, vegan food, people watching =) I party now and again, maybe sip on something ;-) Dislikes: celery sans bleu cheese (ranch will suffice), deadlines, smokers, when my metrocard expires =(, arrogance, ppl playing music in public w/o headphones ugh, capitalism. The lists ofcourse could be way longer. Tumbling along
goin through old pics :-) heat damage, growing out some mistake ass color but still <3

goin through old pics :-) heat damage, growing out some mistake ass color but still <3

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    LOVE the hair and the purple eyeshadow is the perfect touch!!!
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