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You can find a transcript of this video here

In this video, I talk about the definition of racism I was raised with vs the actual definition of racism. I also discuss the subject of “reverse racism”.

Housing Discrimination in Boston

Native American Genocide

Internment of Japanese Americans


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Hey Kat…

First, thank you for your courageous work, for being out there and making the world smarter. I as a white cis straight male am always grateful for voices who are not arguing from my perspective on issues of gender and race and sexuality and I’m learning a lot.

I would like to say something to my fellow white folks about defining racism and how the first definition – the one you were raised with – is itself an act of racist oppression that white folks like me need to stop defending asap.

This applies to men defining sexism or feminism, cis people defining transphobia or straight people defining homophobia as well. Just generally what happens when the people in power set the terms of what can be labelled oppressive or not.

The first definition you talk about allows white people to slip out of productive conversations about race:
- you say something about white people, they hear reverse racism, conversation over.
- you call a white person out on their racist behavior, they say they “like” colored folks, unfair attack or misreading me, conversation over.
- you point to a racist law or policy, nobody meant for colored people to be hit hardest, it’s just how it turned out, the colored people must have done something wrong, conversation over.
- I’m not racist, but…
…and so on.

As long as “racism” means “disliking people from different race” everybody gets a free pass. I don’t mean it that way, so it was not racist. And if you criticise you are unfairly attacking me, blabla, I’m a nice guy blabla, you are just playing the race card, whawha.

The colloquial use of the term “racism” is like an impenetrable shield against criticism and change because it protects the oppressive systems and behaviors we have by not letting us talk about it.

So, dear white people, definitions are man-made devices to serve a specific purpose in conversations, in education, in politics, in culture, in science… People found something, recognized something as a thing/concept and gave it a name so we can work with that thing together.

And if there are multiple definitions of racism out there, we have to choose the one that let’s us talk about racism in a productive way, not the one that let’s us white people of the hook and shuts people of color up.

Silencing people of color is racist.
Not taking responsibility as a white person for fighting the racial injustices caused and maintained by the white people we pay for, we vote for, we work for and by ourselves – just reaping the benefits of it – is racist.

White people don’t get to define what racism is. The oppressors don’t get to define what oppression is. No matter how educated a white person is, how many books on our shelfs confirm our view, how big we made it professionally, how old and wise we are, we white people SUCK at defining racism, because – as humans do – nobody wants to be evil, so we cover our ass.

Stop covering your ass. If you use a definition of racism – or sexism or homophobia or transphobia – that is not forcing your conscience to change yourself a little everyday, you are doing it wrong. No matter what the elders told you.

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One of the best examples of artistic integrity on a corporate scale.


No matter how many times I see this, I never fail to be impressed by that last sentence.

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girl: *bends over in nothing but her draws* its yours daddy do whatever you want


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her dad from downstairs: from ghetto to ghetto from backyard to yard

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When your boy starts telling the truth in the principals office even though y’all had rehearsed the lie to perfection

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OK Highway Patrol Captain George Brown says the best “tip” for women to not get raped by a cop is to “follow the law in the first place so you don’t get pulled over.”
http://youtu.be/BO8g8akPWcY (Last third of the video).

Three serial rapists in 3 weeks arrested in Oklahoma, all cops.

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Pro tip: if you’re signaled to pull over (whether you’re male or female) and you’re in a place that has no witnesses, turn your hazard lights on to acknowledge the officer’s siren, and drive to the nearest gas station or populated area. This is accepted protocol by every agency. You are not obligated pull over until you can do so safely. This includes personal safety. Understand your rights, brothers and sisters. There are disgusting examples of authority in this world.

Wow he really said this bullshit



The Whitest Kids U’ Know x


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Bobby Shmurda new song hard as hell

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Prom hairstyles from the 90s.

stay woke cause this shit is gonna be prada s/s 15


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when the music too fucking good 


Lol Bino always acts wild when he’s performing live




when the music too fucking good


Lol Bino always acts wild when he’s performing live

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I love this. Where do you see black love on tv anymore?.. Good tv period…I miss the 90s ..

My heart

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grandpa Watchn Nicki Minaj Anaconda






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